Advanced automatic fire extinguishing products for residential and commercial fire protection
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Innovative fire suppression stickers (FSS) manufacturer
Founded in 2017, Militek adapts unique technologies for everyday applications. Our company became pioneers of Fire Suppression Stickers (FSS) and Fire Suppression Cords (FSC), automatic fire extinguishing innovations suitable for almost every home and business.

The team at Militek combines technological excellence in developing innovative products with what we like to call "out of box" vision. Years of experience working with specialists from different industries enables us to define the most optimal solutions for each type of application, their needs and at the same time use our knowledge further to develop new and better solutions.

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Everyday we work hard to make the life of our clients safer.
We product innovative products
We offer you professional technical consultations about our products, their applications and possible modifications that can help to solve your problem.
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