Fire Suppression Cord (FSC)

Advance solution for fire protection of large enclosures, starting from 100dm3 (litres)

- Electrical cabinets
- Safe
- Control cabinets
- Lithium batteries
- Switchboards
- Power equipment
- Cabinets with volume more than 100L

How it works
1) Install Fire Suppression Cord
Install FSC evenly in the protected area
2) Fire

Short circuit leads to fire in the electrical panel/outlet
3) Release of fire extinguishing components
Heating occurs and FSC releases fire extinguishing material
4) Fire extinguished

As a result the fire is eliminated
Turn off electricity
Turn off electricity inside protected enclosure
Prepare surface
Cord supplied with fastenings. Degrease the surface where fastenings will be installed.
Install the cord evenly. First loop should be not more than 10cm from the top. Distance between loops - 15-30cm. The last loop should be placed at the bottom of the cabinet
Cord must be installed horizontally, evenly cover internal volume of the cabinet!
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