Fire Suppression Sticker (FSS)

Our core product, that suitable for fire protection of limited space from 0.02 to 65 dm3 (liters). Perfectly matches for fire protection of electrical sockets, appliances and power distribution cabinets.

- Electrical outlets, sockets
- Electrical cabinets
- Safe
- Control cabinets
- Lithium batteries
- Switchboards
- Power equipment

How it works
1) Install Fire Suppression Sticker
Install FSS horizontally under the protected area
2) Fire

Short circuit leads to fire in the electrical panel/outlet
3) Release of fire extinguishing components
Heating occurs and FSS releases fire extinguishing material
4) Fire extinguished

As a result the fire is eliminated

FSS Installation

Fire suppression sticker FSS installation
Turn off electricity
Turn off electricity inside protected enclosure
Prepare surface
Degrease the surface where FSS will be installed, remove the sticker from the factory packaging, remove the adhesive layer on the back of the sticker
Install the sticker on the prepared degreased surface. Turn on the power and close the door of the protected enclosure.
Stickers must be installed horizontally inside at the top of protected enclosure!
Fire suppression sticker FSS installation
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